P3 Campaign

/Challenge: How do we promote Corvias as a leader in a business space where it’s little known?

/Strategy: Utilize the corporate brand, Corvias Group, as the touchpoint and build on the success of the Military division and recent success of the Campus division.

Execution: Created a new dynamic look and feel for Corvias Group to establish it as a different type of company in the Public Private Partnership (P3) space. Utilized words like “Game Changer” and “Innovator” in advertising and collateral; Corvias Group collateral looked and spoke unlike any other player in the industry. Talked about changing an industry in which were new at, and everyone took notice. In less than a year, the Corvias Campus Living Brand was second in recognition in a survey done by the CEB Marketing Leadership Council.

• Art DIrection
• Design

//P3 Brochure
//Living Made Better Brochure
//P3 Advertising
//Tradeshow Booth
//Kick Panels at Admission Desk
//Floorshow Meterboard
//Tradeshow Handout

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles